Common Cat Problems Solved: Bathtime Blues

Question: any time that I try and bath my cat, I have real combat on my hands. My cat will bite, scratch and claw at me to get free, making the entire experience the best nightmare. I require to know how to bathe a cat – how do I do so without losing blood and making both cat and myself angry?

Answer: Cats are not enormous fans of water, and while you may think their monthly bath is reasonable, ‘they’re unlikely to agree. They will combat, claw, scratch, hiss and commit a mighty noise as they struggle for dry liberty – and in the course of this, ‘you’re meant to be capable to apply shampoo! ‘It’s a nightmare.

The main factor for their aggression is fear; your cat cannot comprehend what is going on, so they object to it. Try and keep bath time a calm and basic affair. Start by planning your bath sooner than fetching your cat. Layout every one of the items you require (shampoo, a comb, a towel) within easy reach of the tub, and only when the room is entirely prepared to go should you bring your tomcat in.

As you put your cat in the water, make soothing “hush” noises in the back of your throat. Don’t shout if the cat scratches you; keep calm and bite your tongue. Just imagine how scary it would be if somebody suddenly threw you into an enormous tub of water for no apparent reason! The calmer you stay, the more probable it is your cat will also remain calm. Come to the process as rapid as doable, move professionally from step to step and – most importantly – don’t lose your temper!

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