Common Cat Problems Solved: Stealing Food

Question: My cat doesn’t seem to comprehend that he/she is not authorized to consume human food. They’ll often steal food off the kitchen counter or our dinner plates if we happen to turn our backs for one second. They are impressively sneaky and make life highly unpleasant, as we have to be on our guard systematically. How do we teach them that they can’t eat human food?

Answer: The trouble here is that the cat doesn’t comprehend why they aren’t allowed to eat human food, and no amount of cat training will rectify the issue. As an animal, who cannot understand the reasoning, the idea that the cat can’t consume the impressively tasty food it sees before, that is the cause of confusion. The cat wants it, and it looks cool, it’s right there, why the cat can consume it?

As you cannot clarify the hygiene and behavioural drawbacks with a cat, the circumstance has to be dealt with differently. When your cat does consume food off a kitchen counter or a dinner plate, your reaction should be swift. Mention “no” in a company and loud voice, then delete the cat from the room for the rest of the meal. If doable, keep the cat out of the room when food is around.

In terms of prevention, this is a complicated thing to accomplish – as told, you can’t override that impression for wanting to consume what a cat conceives to be a brilliant food. Always ensure your cat is well-fed, so they are less probable to need to steal food – ideally, feed your cat a half-hour before humans are going to consume. That, combined with clamping down on lousy conduct, should see a discount in food theft.

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