Common Cat Problems Solved: Bullying Cat

Question: We have a multi-cat household, and one of the cats is bullying the other animals in the house. They are generally notably aggressive, to the point where the other cats fear the bullying cat and will not consume or drink when this cat is around. I love all my cats, but this can’t recommence – what can I do?

Answer: While cats aren’t packed animals by nature, they do tend to form roles within a social grouping. One of these roles will be as the alpha male or female; one cat who believes themselves to be the leader of the group, and takes a notably authoritarian attitude.

In some situations, this manifests itself in aggression. The lead cat is often very territorial, and may – behind your back if needed – be very protective of the food and water dishes, and from time to time the litter tray. Therefore the best approach to deal with this trouble in the first instance is to use separate food and water trays for the troubled cat. Don’t feed all cats together, but instead delete the one provoking the issue and feed it in a separate room. When they have eaten, remove the dishes and trays to be sure that other cats can’t approach them. If that is authorized to happen, then, that can trigger aggression from the predominant cat.

That should calm the worst of the problems consorted with the territory – whatever else you will have to get involved with as it occurs. If you see the troubled cat being unnecessarily aggressive, delete them from the circumstance for a ‘time out’. They should in a while learn you aren’t on their side, and you are ultimately the predominant one in the household.

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