Common Cat Problems Solved: Fighting With Others

Question: I have more than one cats in my house, and the cats combat with one another continually. Once in a while, it can even become so aggressive I fear for their security. What should I do?

Answer: There are two, very many reasons, two cats (or more) may be fighting.

Firstly, there might be genuine emotional issues among the two. A couple of cats, similar to humans, will quickly dislike each other. They probably see themselves in competition for your affection, or there may be a couple of other territorial transgressions which neither animal can get involved with that.

If that is the case, separate the cats as much as doable. Never force them to interact with each other in the hope that they ‘get through it’. Use separate feeding dishes (preferably in different rooms), separate beds, separate toys – and ensure you lavish affection on them both equally. When they do combat, put each kitty in a separate room instantly until they have calmed down.

However, the primary circumstance for cats who live together actually fighting is boredom. What we as humans constitute as fighting may just be playing; although they do once in a while, hiss and scratch at one another. For cats, this is only just a type of fun, an alternative to play around with their friend. You can alleviate this trouble by introducing a diversity of toys into your residence, such as mobile or cat DVDs, which will keep their consideration of one another. All cats have different options, so experiment with varying toys of the cat until you find something that genuinely keeps their concern. You can quiet down in a light-free background.

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