Letting Your Cat Train Itself

There is absolutely no doubt that cats are among the most curious creatures on this planet. They have this in common with humans in many ways. Just as humans are wired up to look at the way something works and consider how it might be improved, so cats have a tendency to explore and work things out – which can work for good or for evil.

Not for nothing is it said, “Curiosity killed the cat”. Cats, as wise as they may be, still sometimes make bad decisions. We’ve all heard stories of cats spending some time in washing machines which are in operation because they sneak in and lie on the clothes before the device is switched on. However, you can use your cat’s curiosity to work in your favour.

It is widespread to find when you take delivery in your home, that when you take the item out of its box and have a look at it, your cat will have an equally challenging interest in checking out the box. Usually, it will hop in and curl up to go to sleep. This natural curiosity can be very beneficial when it comes to getting the cat into its carrier when you need to go somewhere.

About half an hour before you need to go, take the carrier down and leave its door open with a cat bed inside. Your cat, rather than needing to be chased around the house and then stuffed, claws and all, into the carrier, will usually get in of their own accord and go to sleep – making your task a lot easier, and less bloody.

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